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Our Thanksgiving Weekend

Crazy Blonde Life Cooking Class – Recipes

Yesterday, I promised recipes from my very first Crazy Blonde Life Cooking Class!  Today, I’m delivering all of the recipes and pictures so you can recreate the fabulous food from the class.  Scroll down for the recipes.  I hope you enjoy!

Crazy Blonde Life Cooking Class Recipes

Smoky Pimento Cheese Deviled Eggs

Baked Three Cheese Onion Dip with Chive and Pepperoncini

Maple Curry Roasted Cashews

Burrata with Caramelized Squash, Pine Nuts and Golden Raisins

Roasted Cauliflower & Chickpeas with Mustard and Parsley



Buratta with Caramelized Squash, Pine Nuts, and Golden Raisins 



Roasted Cauliflower & Chickpeas with Mustard and Parsley



Baked Three Cheese Onion Dip with Chive and Peperoncini


I hope you’ll try the recipe for the deviled eggs!  They are a Southern classic with a Southern twist!



This is me eating a deviled egg!  I really did like these eggs, so you can serve to your friends that don’t like eggs and know that they’ll be a hit!




I served several different selections of wine, but to me Rose goes with everything!


The Tiramusu was a messy endeavor, but well worth it!



I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!  Thanks for stopping by Crazy Blonde Life!  Follow me on Instagram @crazyblondelifeblog!

Photography by Emily Genzer.


My First Cooking Class – Crazy Blonde Style

Yesterday, I had the honor of hosting my first Crazy Blonde Cooking Class!  It was just the best day ever!  I’ve been wanting to do some cooking classes for a while now…gathering a group of ladies and cooking delicious food while talking and laughing!  We had plenty of conversation, drank a little wine and got to know each other.  I love meeting new people and the most special part for me was meeting and getting to know five ladies who follow Crazy Blonde Life and spending time with a few old friends as well!  It was so much fun and I’ll definitely be doing more classes soon!  Check back tomorrow for recipes for all of the delicious food that we prepared.

The very talented Julie Pool of Juliepatoolies created a recipe book for everyone to take home.


I had the kitchen organized in stations so that everyone could be a part of the preparations.


We roasted and stirred and mixed until we had a table full of deliciious food!


We made a cheesy and delicious Baked Three Cheese Onion Dip with Chive and Peperoncini, Roasted Cauliflower, the best Smoky Pimento Cheese Deviled Eggs (and I don’t like eggs), Buratta with Caramelized Squash, Pine Nuts and Golden Raisins and much more!  It was a feast! 


Mary prepared the Deviled Eggs, topped with crumbled bacon and Wickles Pickled Okra.


I prepared this cheese board ahead of time for everyone to nibble on!  The sweet and spicy cashews were a hit (recipe coming).



Two of my new friends, Jen and Pamela!


I loved getting to know Natalie!  She is now a pro at making Tiramusu!


 I absolutely could not have done this class without Britt!  She helped so much in every way, even washing dishes…thank you Britt!



My friend Susan drove over an hour to come and cook with us and she brought her friend Mona!




Mona was in charge of the hot cheesy dip and I was giving her a few chopping tips!


After we finished preparing the food, we went outside and sat by the fire to eat and talk!  It truly was one of the best and most beautiful days!  The only thing I would change is that we didn’t all get a picture together, but next time we will!


Beautiful lady!


Getting our plates to take outside.  The weather was amazing as was the food that we prepared!




Thank you to everyone who came yesterday to my first Crazy Blonde Cooking Class!  I hope that you all had as much fun as I did!

Check back tomorrow for all of the cooking class recipes and a few more pictures of this great day.  Also, be sure to leave your email to get a schedule for upcoming classes.  I’ll be sending out the schedule in the next couple of weeks.

The wonderful photographs were taken by Emily Genzer!

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The Truth About Body Fat

The holidays are here and we all worry about gaining weight because there are so many temptations so I thought it might be a good time to talk about body fat in a healthy way.

We’ve always heard that eating fat makes you fat, but in fact, that is not true!  Everyone is born with fat cells and they expand or shrink as you gain or lose weight.  Eating healthy fat, the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated kinds make you feel full faster and stay full longer.  Because of this, eating healthy fats in moderation can actually help you lose weight.

Avocado contains healthy fats and this Pineapple Avocado Green Smoothie would be great post workout!


I’ve always heard, and said over and over again that muscle weighs more than fat, but that isn’t true.  A pound of fat takes up more volume than a pound of muscle. That is why you look smaller when you have more muscle, even if your weight remains the same.

You can’t turn fat into muscle.  You can combine cardiovascular exercise with weight bearing exercise to burn fat and in turn, build muscle.

Muscles atrophy when they aren’t used and that slows down metabolism.  Just 30 minutes of strength training twice a week, whether it’s using weights or your own body weight with an activity such as yoga is enough to keep muscles strong and healthy.


You can’t reduce specific areas of body fat.  In order to reduce body fat in a specific area, you have to reduce it everywhere.  To lose body fat, you have to use more calories than you take in.  The best way to do that is by eating a healthy diet and exercising.

Try this recipe for Crispy Garlic Parmesan Salmon


Images from Pinterest

Your body needs a certain amount of fat to function properly.  Concentrate on being healthy and don’t worry so much about the number on the scale.

One of the best things about the holidays is indulging in great food and holiday drinks, so enjoy in moderation! 


My first cooking class is today and I can’t wait to share pictures and recipes with you!  I’ll be doing a cooking class every month in 2017 and the schedule will be coming soon with classes in the evenings and in the morning!  Follow me on Instagram @crazyblondelifeblog!




Trusting the Power of the Universe


I’m shifting gears a little bit today!  I want to talk about creating balance and trusting the power of the universe!  Sounds deep, I know!  Yesterday’s post was all about my Christmas wish list and while it was fun to put together and I would really love to have all of those things, it obviously wasn’t about what’s ultimately important.  Life can be beautiful and difficult all at the same time. We think we have everything under control and then something happens that can make us doubt everything.  Facing these situations with grace and trust helps us to not be afraid.  Sometimes the moments that we don’t think we can handle can be the most beautiful and life changing.  We can survive and we can come out on the other end…stronger and better.

“I begin today with the wisdom to trust that I’m profoundly loved and supported by the universe.  I trust that the power of the universe lives all around me and is the light within me.” ~ This is my mantra for everyday – it is taped to my computer screen.

 As we all know, the holidays can be a very stressful time, especially when we are going through things in life that are difficult.  Family relationships can be strained, worries about money come up and so many of us strive for perfection.  There is an idea that we can create the perfect holiday, but the truth is that nothing is perfect and we can only do the best we can.  I believe that releasing some control over trying to make everything perfect will make me and everyone around me happier.    

I’m starting to block out time everyday to meditate, to go to yoga or practice at home and to spend time with the people I love.  Those are the truly important things because they keep me centered and then everything else that I try to do goes more smoothly.  We can all make the excuse that when things are less crazy we’ll do all of these things, but our lives are happening right now and the when never really comes until we decide it will.  This holiday season, I’m going to try to stay in a state of compassion, love and forgiveness and start out everyday with gratitude for all of my blessings and hand control over to the Universe.

Everyday, things are changing really quickly.  The reality is that we only have this moment, even if it is a busy season and we have 300 things to do!  You don’t want to miss a moment to love and live more deeply!


Have a really great day everyone and thanks for stopping by Crazy Blonde Life!









My Christmas Wish List for Santa

I’ve been thinking about what would be on my ultimate but somewhat reasonable Christmas list and this is what I came up with!  What’s on your Christmas list?


I really have to control myself to keep from putting the Christmas music on the day after Halloween.  When my girls were little I totally did, but as they got older they got tired of so now I wait until after Thanksgiving.  These three new albums are my new picks for this year!  Christmas Together – Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, Jennifer Nettles – To Celebrate  Christmas, Sarah McLachlan, Wonderland.


I have been wanting one of these Hedley and Bennett Chefs aprons for a while now!  It’s at the top of my Christmas list…after all I do love to cook!


I love love love these Rag and Bone Booties in red (they come in black too)!  These might be good for an early gift so I can wear them throughout the season!  Who doesn’t love a great red bootie?


I have been wanting one of these GoPro Video Recording Cameras for a while now!  There is no telling what I might be blogging blogging about if I have one of these!


A beautiful locket from Monica Rich Kossan is something that I’ve been wanting for a while now!  Monica’s lockets are beautifully crafted and a little pricey, but I would wear it everyday with pictures of my girls!



Absolutely anything from Jo Malone is on my list!  I love the Pomegranate Noir!


Any coat from J Crew is on my Christmas list, but especially these three!  The red coat is so festive, the pink coat will make January just a little less dreary and be great for Valentine’s Day and the navy is great for everyday!


This cute sparkly bag from Tory Burch would go with absolutely everything!


Trish McEvoy products are so luxurious and they work!  This duo promises to brighten skin!


I’ve been wanting a pair of Karen Walker sunglasses for a while now and this oversized pair will be just perfect!

Ok Santa…what do you think of my Christmas list?  I’ll be adding things to my Instagram everyday throughout the holidays, so be sure to follow me @crazyblondelifeblog!



Everyone Needs a Great Car Coat

Some things just seem to go with nearly everything in your wardrobe and this Cabi Car Coat is one of those pieces.  The classic ponte knit is light enough to wear on a warm day with a short sleeve tee, but also is perfect for cooler weather (like when these pictures were taken), or with a long sleeve tee or sweater.  This Cabi Car Coat is easy with grey jeans and with black jeans, black leather pants or even leggings. The length is sassy and great for those of us that aren’t so tall!  I think that the Stella and Dot leather cross body bag is a great match for the outfit because it keeps the look clean and uncomplicated.








I couldn’t resist sharing this picture of Hudson with a big kiss on his forehead!  When you ask him for a kiss, he leans his head over for you to kiss him.  His sweet kisses make my heart melt!  I am so blessed to have him in my life!


Outfit details:  Cabi Car Coat, Seven for All Mankind jeans (similar here), Scout and Molly crossbody bag, Rag and Bone suede booties

I knew immediately when I saw this cute and classic Cabi coat that it would be a piece that would stay in my wardrobe for many years.

I hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving weekend, Happy Sunday!  Follow me on Instagram @crazyblondelifeblog!  

Also, I have a few places left in my cooking class on December 1.  Click here to sign up!  It’s sure to be a deliciously fun day and a great way to get ready for the holidays!


Our Thanksgiving Weekend

We spent the day yesterday cooking for Thanksgiving and doing some online shopping!  The sales are great and are continuing today.  I might not even have to leave the house to get all of my shopping done! 

It was a really nice night with our family and friends sharing Thanksgiving together!  As usual, we had way too much food and we all ate too much!  After dinner, we sat by the fire and enjoyed the evening.  Sitting by the fire on a beautiful night is one of life’s greatest pleasures..and yet another reason to love this time of year!  

I treasure the time that we have together!



I decorated the table in a slightly different way than I did on my YouTube video.  I added pomegranates and used a little less greenery.  I actually had to set two tables to accommodate the crowd.  The second table was our round breakfast table and I filled a beautiful glass bowl with pomegranates and greenery.  


I’m going to do a separate post with the recipe for my Mac and Cheese.  I’ve been making it for so long that I don’t need a recipe.  It’s a little different each time I make it because I use the cheeses that are in the refrigerator.  

Get the recipe for my Brussels Sprouts here.


Three Onion Casserole pictured below with my Grand Marnier Stuffing.  I made the onion casserole for the first time this year and it will be a tradition.  I’m considering making it again for Christmas.  It is very decadent and delicious with three kinds of cheese, leeks, yellow and red onions.


My Maple Pecan Pie from Ina Garten’s recipe.



Rebecca’s dress and Sarah’s top are both from Anthropologie.  My top is Joie (on sale) and Lauren’s dress is Cabi.

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving and now it’s time to start thinking about Christmas and the holidays ahead!

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A Day To Be Grateful – Happy Thanksgiving

I am grateful on this Thanksgiving Day for so many things in my life and especially for all the people who read Crazy Blonde Life everyday.  The journey I’m on with this blog is truly something that brings me joy.  Thank you so much for joining me.

I hope that you all have a wonderful day with family and good food and may we all remember to take a moment every day to reflect on what we have to be grateful for!

“If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more.  If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough” ~ Oprah Winfrey


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Trish McEvoy Makeup

The Trish McEvoy Makeup counter is such a great place to spend some quality girl time!  I picked Rebecca up from the airport this morning and it was so good to be able to spend some girl time with her.  After having lunch, we headed straight to Nordstrom to the Trish McEvoy Makeup counter for a little touchup!  It’s always good to bond over makeup shopping!  We were so lucky that one of the top Trish McEvoy makeup artists, Christina Michael was at the counter and Rebecca had her makeup done…Trish style!  

There are so many new products in the Trish McEvoy Makeup line as well as all of the tried and true products! Scroll down to read more about Trish McEvoy. 

Rebecca and Christina


Christina rolled up her sleeves and got busy doing Rebecca’s makeup!



Below are some of the delicious smelling Trish McEvoy fragrances.  My favorite is the Blackberry Vanilla Musk.


The Planner Voyager VII is one of the new take anywhere Trish kits.  It includes 6 full size eyeshadows, 2 full size eye definers, bronzer, blush, lipgloss and two brushes.  It is the perfect stocking stuffer for all the beauty queens on your list!


Christina wrote down all of the products that she used on Rebecca and described exactly how she used them. 





Trish McEvoy started her own line of beauty products in the 1970’s when she was working as a make-up artist.  She struggled to find quality brushes and made her own from art-supply brushes that she cut into the shapes she needed to apply make-up.  She started giving brushes to clients as gifts and at that point realized that she had an opportunity to sell the brushes.  She began to have her brushes manufactured in quantity and sold them by mail order and did make-up lessons in her apartment.  In 1978, she partnered with her husband, who is a dermatologist, and started one of the first medi spas in New York.

She started to sell her products to retail stores in 1993.  She has become famous for her make-up systems that include a planner with pages to hold the make-up.  The planner zips up and can be taken anywhere!

Her goal now is to sell make-up systems at a reasonable price and teach the customers how to use the products at home.  The company now generates just under 100 million dollars in revenue!  That’s what I call a success story!

It’s so good to have Rebecca home from Boston even if it’s just for a few days!  I hope you’ll follow along on Instagram @crazyblondelifeblog as we start cooking Thanksgiving dinner!  Have a great day everyone!








Pumpkin Smoothie – Breakfast for Thanksgiving Morning

This Pumpkin Smoothie is addictive and healthy, and really what more could you ask for!  It’s kind of like eating a cold delicious pumpkin pie in a glass!  These smoothies are great for a light breakfast on Thanksgiving morning, because you certainly want to save room for the big event!  Make a blender full of Pumpkin Smoothies and everyone will be satisfied until Thanksgiving dinner is ready!

I’ve worn this sweater before on the blog, but I couldn’t resist wearing it again because it matches the smoothies so well!







Pumpkin Smoothie
A deliciious and healthy smoothie
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  1. 1 cup almond milk
  2. 1/2 cup pumpkin puree
  3. 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt
  4. 3 tablespoons maple syrup
  5. 1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
  6. 1/2 teaspoon allspice
  7. Splash good vanilla extract
  8. 1 ripe frozen banana
  1. Combine almond milk, pumpkin puree, vanilla yogurt, maple syrup, pumpkin pie spice, allspice, vanilla extract and banana in a blender and blend until combined. Serve immediately.
Crazy Blonde Life

The countdown is on and I have been preparing for the big meal today!  I still have to pick up our turkey and brine it!

I’m picking Rebecca up from the airport tomorrow at around 11:30 and we’ll be off to get our turkey and just a few more items and the cooking marathon begins!  I hope you’ll try this delicious Pumpkin Smoothie recipe on Thanksgiving morning to keep everyone out of the kitchen until dinner is ready!  Follow me on Instagram @crazyblondelifeblog, as I shop and cook for the big dinner!

A big thank you to my friend Britt for helping me taste test this recipe and for taking these pictures!